ITS SO HARD..!! Fortnite: Battle Royale “MOBILE GAMEPLAY”


  1. Anyone else annoyed by him aiming down everytime he was just running with his pickaxe i did that too when i was new and i had to fix it😂

  2. I actually only play on my iPad and it starts getting easier once you play it for a while because I already have a few wins because I find PC and Xbox and PS4 to be too hard so I just use my iPad because I have the iPad Pro so it’s a large screen so I think that would help more

  3. The controls are kinda easy like I’m kinda already use it sorta lol
    (Edit: this is so cringing to watch when someone new plays fortnite on mobile) FYI it shows you how to play and use the controls

  4. Hahah great idea make a video about fortnite on mobile then people say whats the name of the game because there are so many rip offs think before you make a video like this tell me the game name on moble pls btw one like if you have to deal with the same problem…:)

  5. The Fking Controls Suck, Pudg Controls Are Way Better Thats Why I Play It. In My Opinion Fornite Is Way Better, But The Controls Make The Game Tedious And Annoying. It’s Just Makes The Game Not Fun Anymore. Wish They Gave You A Option To Place The Controls Where You Want To Be.

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