NINJA VS DAEQUAN 1vs1 FULL FIGHT! BOTH POV+REACTION! Fortnite Competitive Gameplay! Fortnite Clutch!


  1. Funny people said that daequon using the rocket launcher takes no skill and he's trash compared to ninja. BUT ninja spammed the rocket launcher against Tfue, and even rushed him from behind, and got smoked by Tfue. Lol

  2. Brooo its crazy to see how much the game has developed i use to think this was the craziest fortnite fight i had ever seen. But honestly i feel like of how much the game has developed i would be able to beat this versions of deaquan and ninja without too much problems. Holy shit imagine if most of knew what we know now about this game this early on.

  3. I came back to watch this because I remember how insane of a fight this was to me when I first saw it and wanted to compare it to today, and with all humility intended, the top 35% of fornite players would shit on both of them lmao

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