Pro Console Fortnite Player vs. PC Fortnite! (Battle Royale Xbox/PS4 vs. PC)


  1. The truth that no one can deny is if you use a controlled to ply on PS4 EU servers you have to be very good to get the stats that the people on Pc and Xbox and on NA West servers

  2. I love how PC players like to act all high and mighty and think they never run into scrubs or “bots.” Watch any PC streamer for a while and you’ll see them come across tons of bad players.

  3. I mainly play on xbox, but when i go to my girlfriend's house i will bring my gaming laptop and xbox controller. One thing that is more glaring to me is that there are less noobs, everyone seems to know what they're doing. But in my experience, pc is harder, but it makes me have to be better. So, ilike it cuz when i go back to xbox, i feel like everything is a bit slowed down and i am better than what i was last time i played on the xbox.

  4. The amount of bots on PC is equal to console. You're literally picking from the same population. Owning a PC doesn't magically makecyou better. People think because most streamers play on PC that that's the norm.

  5. Your duo and squads kill stats are padded, how come your teamates in some videos never get kills or if they could get an easy kill they dont they let you kill him?

  6. I've played on both computer and ps4 conclution is computer has the upper hand and is easier in every aspect ESPECIALLY BUILDING and you can change all your keybinds plus mouse keys etc. As far as who you face….. the skill difference is so close impossible to say for sure but computers have it far easier. From that point of view ps4 players have far more skill. argue point pls? also forgot that ITS FAR EASIER AND MORE COMMON TO SEE BOTS ON COMPUTER LOL

  7. PC = Chaos (a lot of sweats)
    PS4 pretty nice (but kinda sweaty at all
    Xbox = chill (not as sweaty as pc and ps4
    Of course in my opinion please don’t get mad at me ❤️

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